Would you use Apple parts to fix your Android tablet? Sometimes, it's ok to take a risk, but you don't want to take risks when you're talking about repairing your Alfa Romeo in Miami. You want the right parts for the job.

Alfa Romeo Repair in Coral Gables

Once you've invested in a luxury vehicle like an Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint RWD or Stelvio Quadrifoglio AWD, you'll want the right hands taking care of your repairs. Could you take it to an off-brand mechanic in South Miami that will "give you a good deal" for the job? You absolutely could. But, if they're not used to working on a luxury Alfa Romeo, they could use generic parts or parts for another luxury vehicle to get the job done.

And, just like you wouldn't use Apple parts to fix your Android, you shouldn't use Lexus parts to fix your Alfa Romeo. You want certified and original equipment from an official manufacturer. That's why you want to bring your Alfa Romeo to us. From Alfa Romeo sedans to our SUVs, there's no job that our mechanics can't handle.

The Right Parts for the Job

In the Florida Keys, your investment deserves protection, inside and out. So, you'll need authentic parts for your vehicle at The Collection Alfa Romeo in Coral Gables. We have access to genuine equipment that was made specifically for your vehicle. Our parts are fully inspected and tagged with the Alfa Romeo emblem to ensure top-quality performance.

If you want to do the job yourself, we have the parts you need. You can request specific parts by clicking our service & care tab and heading to our parts center to fill out a request form. We'll get your part to our store or shipped to you as soon as possible.

We also have official parts to accessorize your Alfa Romeo as well. Order what you need and have it at your Kendall, FL home in a matter of days.

Don't jump from auto store to auto store in Brickell. Get what you need with The Collection Alfa Romeo. Visit us online or in-person to set up a time to get your vehicle serviced or request parts. Our friendly associates are always ready and available to assist you with any questions you have along the way.

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